Instituto Ayrton Senna, enhancing the quality of public education

What Formula 1 and the Instituto have in common are dreams. The pilot enabled many people to dream through his victories and he created the organization in 1994 to enable many more Brazilians to get a chance at making their dreams come true thanks to a great education.

The Instituto aims at addressing educational challenges in Brazil both from a qualitative and quantitative standpoint at the same time. They partner with the state, with ngos and with companies making sure all the actors play the same game and that their different efforts move forward in the same direction.

The Institute prepares more than 75,000 teachers and managers every year, and almost 2 million children and young people benefit directly from the work of these teachers, who are trained by the organization, in more than 1300 municipalities in various regions in Brazil. Funded by its own resources, besides donations and private initiative partnerships, the Institute provides to public administration, free of charge, management services of the educational process. This process includes diagnosis, planning, training of managers and educators, development of innovative pedagogical and technological solutions.

Their good results lead them to contribute to policy making in Brazil. The Instituto is a vivid example of amazing philanthropic engagement turning into high scalable impact. A model to join and replicate maybe?

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