Vox Capital, advancing education through investment

Over the past decade, impact investment has attracted more and more capital. This investment thesis states that you can place your money wisely and get a high return on your investment while generating a high social impact. In order to participate in this virtuous circle you need to identify dynamic companies targeting the base of the pyramid.

In education, there are now more numerous organization’s trying to solves the problems of the field by creating accessible products for vulnerable populations. The role of an investment firm such as Vox Capital is to help these socio-business to get the money they need to correctly develop and scale up their impact. Any impact investment firm will look for the best balance between financial stability and high social impact, always trying to maximize profitability. When it comes to education, Vox capital invests in companies busy improving the quality of basic education through assistive technologies and management resources, as well as the methods facilitating access to technical schools as they can provide students with an income more quickly.

Investment is key when it comes to develop innovative solutions and the financial sector must be included wisely in the changing dynamics of the educational sector worldwide. Of course, there will always be a risk to see numbers prime over people’s interests but I guess it is a risk to take if we truly aim at changing an international and local reality.

Vox Capital works in this direction and created their Labs to give a chance to small business not developed enough to receive equity investment to be accompanied by an accelerator and to receive a very step by step financial support to develop their activities.


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