+ Acumen – when great social impact becomes the best learning experience you have had

Acumen paved the way of venture philanthropy and created a worldwide community of fellows changing the way we tackle poverty. Acumen raises charitable donations to then invest in organizations, in people and in ideas. Acumen is about impact, about community and about leadership.

No wonder many many people around the world wanted to join the movement. They created chapters to promote Acumen’s work and results but they wanted more. Therefore, the team launched + Acumen, a division dedicated to transmitting best practices and ground work lessons from Acumen to a larger community of volunteers and professionals from the non-profit and for-profit sector.

+ Acumen isn’t a classic e-learning platform. It goes far beyond that and actually creates a powerful and vibrant learning community at an international scale. All courses are based on actual experience and entail a transformative process you have to go through. They blend state of the art online learning – readings, videos, discussion forums, etc. – with offline experiences and always relate to your real life context to make the apprenticeship useful. They even succeed in delivering an adaptive leadership class through the web! More courses are uploaded regularly and will give you critical insight on the most current issues in the space. Should you want to enhance your potential to change the world, you will be able to do it: alone with a personalized curriculum and with great peers are you will be part of teams to accompany you through the learning process.

+ Acumen offers a unique blend that matches exactly the type of learning experiences that really impact you.



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