Beam – a personal failure, a fantastic idea for school funding

Irene impressed me by only looking at her resume. And then, I met her. A very talented, brilliant young woman with a strong experience in education and business. I couldn’t believe it when she told me that she was interested in failure!

Because she failed. As we all do.

But she succeeded as well. She co-founded Beam, a startup enabling schools and even teachers alone to fundraise for their classroom. The platform enabled many many children to be able to work on great artistic projects, to go on a field trip, to get access to an enriched learning experience. From a crowd-funding model Irene built a powerful tool for change in the educational sector in China.

She had to leave Beam because the team wasn’t functioning well. She reflected a lot on that experience and has been writing about it. A blog that will most certainly become a project of its own helping people better deal with failure and realize that resilience is a key condition to our happiness.

Because we all fail, and we all should learn how do better deal with it – looking forward to your next potential failure Irene!

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