What if learning had an obvious and direct meaning?

What if from everywhere in the world you could have access to the world’s best courses?

What if the most prestigious academic institutions opened their doors for you to learn to your full potential?

What if interdisciplinarity became reality and you ability to navigate through knowledge and life was recognized?

What if you could take part in a new kind of learning community, get useful feedback from your peers and professors?

Well, let the « if » disappear and start thinking only about the « what » you are going to achieve thanks to Coursera!

Welcome to the 21st century where learning is a right and will become your must because you can and because you enjoy it. Any job now demands that you keep up with the new skills and tools that will make you and your organization more competitive and active in the global markets. Learning is no longer limited in time or space and Coursera’s founders and investors created this online elearning platform to make sure you do not miss any opportunity. More than 60 million dollars have been invested and Coursera now partners with more than 700 institutions around the world. Coursera works hand in hand with researchers and professors to provide learners with a high quality experience online. They help their partners produce amazing video content, they also build discussion forums around the courses to enable you to connect with other participants, and they even make sure the activities linked to the courses will be useful to you and that you will be able to easily apply what you leaned.

Everybody now talks about MOOC and Coursera was the first to launch the movement with the world at heart. Its links with Stanford and the vibrant Silicon Valley EdTech scene only reinforce its potential to shape the future of pedagogy. You can learn in your language, on any kind of topic, you might want to get a certificate for the course you chose – on not, you register and wait for the course to start. Step by step you can build your own very personal curriculum online and mix interests, teaching styles and content coming from the whole world. One guarantee, you will only get the best.

You are one easy click away to scaling up your profile and expectations – hit it!


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