Everything is Going to Be OK – EGBOK mission

A presentation by Mr. Osman Khawaja, EGBOK Country Director

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« EGBOK Mission is a local non-profit organization that enables young adult Cambodians from very poor backgrounds to become self-supporting by providing education, training and employment opportunities in the local hospitality industryEGBOK Mission Through a comprehensive approach, including social work support and an emphasis on life skills education, shifts the lives of its students while leveraging the on-going growth in Cambodia’s tourism sector. 

EGBOK Mission’s living and learning centers provide students with a safe home, living essentials, school supplies, transportation and supplemental language and computer courses.  Staff and volunteers offer a range of social services helping students build confidence, explore personal and professional potential and develop life skills.

 EGBOK Mission has grown to partner with ten community partners that work across Cambodia’s poorest regions, enabling successful futures for over 300 underprivileged but highly motivated young adults. EGBOK’s Mission plans to continue expanding by reaching more in-need communities and individuals across the country. »

Service through service – http://egbokmission.org/

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