Get Knacked, show your potential through games

I first read about Knack in a British newspaper and instantly got intrigued by this startup playing with personal educational data to improve recruitment and talent management.

Knack is based in NYC and the Silicon Valley, its teams assembles experts in gaming, design, neurosciences and business – a killing cocktail to help individuals and organizations better address skills’s gaps and life long learning.

Knack creates games that help you know better what your profile is and what skills you need to develop in order to get your dream job. A game makes us all equals and guarantees all potentials shine. Do you care about people? Are you well organized? Do you plan ahead? All this can be assessed through playing online or on their new mobile app. It’s fun, it’s quick and you can manage your results to identify the best next steps for you in terms of learning and for your career.

Big companies are already using Knack to recruit and identify high potential employees, to build better teams and to enhance their employee’s potential by better targeting the skills they need to improve.

Knack is serving the world at large: adding value to businesses and advocating for equality in job access.

Impressive and only a beginning!


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