Happy Parisian Happening – Join in!

By Emmanuelle Duez, cofounder of the Boson Project and of the Women’Up network

A life adventurer, a passionate entrepreneur and a real lady – to follow closely! 




Reveal oneself

Look to the future


Be Happy… This is Happening !


Happy Happening // The Great Adventure is an event meant to prepare new generations and raise awareness regarding future challenges.

It will be divided in four key parts for the 10 000 participants expected on the 14th, 15th and 16th November.

=> Be Happy…You will shop !

A forest of pop up stores will offer products that appeal to this new generation.

=> Be Happy…You will be stunned !

Because it is sometimes difficult to outline our desires or to dare fulfill our dreams, personalities of all ages have accepted to come and tell us all about their story, in order to reveal the passions that lie within each of us. A magician, an explorer, a philosopher… their record will approach in a poetic way the problematics the Y generation has to face up today.

=> Be Happy… You will be trained !

Special trainings to be creative, to free oneself, and to become a model of the world to come. ça je comprends pas trop ce que tu veux dire

=> Be Happy… You will party !

Zumba lessons, fashion shows, impromptu tastings…the Carreau du Temple will tremble under extraordinary activities, astonishing shows and amazing surprises. A huge party will take place on Friday and Saturday night.

=> Be Happy… and Be There !


Happy Happening// La Fabrique @ Heroines

Organized by the network aufeminin.com, ADT Lab, MyLittle Paris, Marmiton and Etoile Casting

14,15 et 16 Novembre 2014

Carreau Du Temple


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