I Declara – love doesn’t even need to be stated out loud -

And yet, Declara seems to be « only » another elearning platform… nothing new in the EdTech industry when you are familiar with it right?! Well the company just raised about 30 million dollars and I can now assure you that its investors made a very wise choice.

Bold ideas aren’t necessarily shiny but there are the ones really able to change habits and lives. And that’s what Declara is about.

It started with one life that dramatically changed one day when a drunk driver hit Ramona Pierson, Declara’s co-founder. She spent 18 months in a coma, wake up eventually but had to learn how to see/speak/walk again. How do you learn to be human? She found out that in fact learning is one of the most fundamental human characteristics. She went on to study neurosciences and now founded Declara with a fantastic and very high caliber team to share all these state of the art findings with people, organizations, and the world.

Declara is far from being a usual elearning platform. The company aims at changing the way the world learns, not because we don’t know how to but because we forgot why and what for. Its approach blends neurosciences, hightech, design and advanced pedagogy. It speaks to politicians addressing human capital issues, to business professionals needing to improve their organizations’ learning systems to better manage talent, to educators wishing to better use new learning tools and methodologies available to them in the 21st century, and it speaks to you, looking for answers about who you are, what you want from life, and how to achieve your objectives and reach out to your dreams.

Declara adapts to its users and helps them to adapt. That’s the key. In a globalized world, we need to navigate through challenges and to identify lucks. We are now forced to learn skills fast and build on our experiences and previous knowledge. Declara’s unique technology is discrete enough to really empower you and yet strong enough to enable you. Declara provides you with a personalized, trans-media, learning path. It tracks all your educational data to make sure the next experiences will really add up and match your profile. It helps you think ahead while wisely reflecting on your previous achievements. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what you do and where you are from. It addresses your human core and helps you deploy it for your own benefit and the ones of your organization and community.

Finding out how good you are has no prize.

Finding out how you can improve, not only resumes but lives, is now possible. And that’s priceless too!

Love it


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