Learnist, everyone is an expert in something

Elearning platforms are the new trendy marketplaces where you let your brain do the shopping.

Yet, it is difficult to find the one matching your exact needs at the exact moment you need an accurate piece of information. It is also difficult to find a platform that will accept you to share your expertise, while being certain that the other contributors are indeed talented and knowledgeable about what they are posting. And finally it is disappointing to only find platforms with either only written or only video learning material.

Well, Learnist has a solution for each of these difficulties. And more!

I was looking for a trans-media, peer to peer, very qualitative elearning platform and I am so glad I found it.

On Learnist you are certain to find the most relevant information from across the internet on the specific topic you are interested in. Say you want to learn about design, you will get access to blogs, articles, videos, books, conferences, events AND real people who can answer your questions and give you real insight on the matter. Accessing content is not a problem any more, finding the right answers and structuring them is the real issue that Learnist has been tackling.

Learnist created the learning board and asked talented professionals to curate these boards to make sure that the content you will be provided with will be of the highest quality. The platform is simple to use, efficient and beautiful. You only wish there was more to fit your exact learning profile and a tool to help you build a coherent path through the material…


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