Minerva – the future of higher Ed becoming reality

University, reinvented.

Best in their fields faculty, online seminars limited to 20 students, opened to the world, a fast-track towards your career, an incredible life experience, tools to enhance your learning abilities, merit based admission guaranteeing a high quality student body, an accessible tuition of 10000$/year, … A very innovative 4 year undergrad model or maybe just finally what university is supposed to be.

« Achieving extraordinary » that’s what the Minerva project is about.

Minerva schools allied with the Keck Graduate Institute to create these four alternative curriculum in Arts and Humanities, Computational Sciences, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences. They all prepare student for global leadership and innovation. Every piece of the program enhances critical thinking, creative problem solving, and clear communication.

Minerva is about to revolutionize higher education, and you will want to be a part of it. Find out how!


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