Playing for Use – Insight on games as instructions for use

Meet Alec, a very talented edtech professional working at a big tech company in San Francisco

Alec thinks ahead. Alec also thinks about people. And that’s why he urged his company to use game to facilitate users experience of the creative programs the company is producing and selling.

Indeed, technology doesn’t always make your life easier. Specially when you don’t understand the tools you are supposed to use and which where created to make your life easier. You open the program and you soon end up staring at your computer not knowing where to start or how to deal with the app.

Well, that’s when games come into play. Alec and his team are designing short, fun and easy games to help users learn how to make the most of these creative programs. Let the little monster or the coffee place help you understand how to use buttons and functions. Soon, you feel much more at ease and the games are quite addictive too!

Combining design, online gaming and business acumen results in successful tools for customers. I’m sure we will see many more companies moving towards fun instructions for use, I most certainly hope so!

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