Still dreaming of a squared A? Join the App Accademy

Would you give up 18% of what you will earn on your first year?

Seems like a lot right? Well, not if you went to the App Academy in San Francisco and became a highly qualified full-stack developer in 12 weeks and now just got hired by a leading tech company with a 6 digit salary. Luck can be provoked but you have to work hard at it and that is exactly what they offer you at this innovative school.

If you are passionate by tech, if you have an interest in code, but you have no clue of how to enter the sector this is a program for you. The return on investment is impressive. You will prep, you will prove that you have potential and then you’ll be trained, accompanied and trained until you are ready. How could will it be when you will know how to build Facebook or Twitter?!

Everyday you will have a one hour class and then you will work with your team-mate until comes the dark. You will face many problems, you will not know, you will despair but everything will always be solved. If you are a quick learner and have a maker profile, this might be your next best investment and passport to the bright new tech world.


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