SU – leading us to unveil our future

Welcome to Mountain View in the Silicon Valley, well not exactly…

Welcome to the Nasa Campus. Here, every summer for a few years now takes place one of the most advanced leadership programs worldwide and truly a one of its kind experience. Google and the Nasa join forces to assemble a class of very high profile individuals from all over the world, experts in energy, sciences, technology, business, education, healthcare, environment, philanthropy, etc. The best minds get selected and even get to pay to attend this 3 months exceptional course in the Bay Area.

The Singularity University has a mysterious aura but yet is a very open minded organization, I guess it just goes to fast, to far which makes it blurred to most people. Some would even prefer it to be transparent. Yes, SU addresses very important matters our world is facing or will soon be confronted with. SU is all about new frontiers. Humans being immortals, Viruses spreading under control, Space conquest, etc. Standards are high here because the topics are key. SU aims at impacting 10(exp 9) people. The rule stating that 20% create the 80% is applied here: SU wants to empower the 20% of most capable leaders to create and thrive for humanity to have a chance at a better future. Participants get to learn about the most advanced technologies and ideas orienting the way we live. They form teams and soon have to become active doers and propose a project based on everything they learned. They combine their skills and strengths, some tech, some design, some business, some field expertise and there they go to change the world.

Knowledge is an aim to become a mean. SU is about the future to impact the present. SU deals with tech to better serve humans. Ideologies are of course present and taken very seriously, but to know what to do you need to be in the know.

Limits will be interesting to analyze… as SU doesn’t seem to comprehend that concept, for the better?!

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