My brain instantly felt motivated as I entered the Singtel Innovation and Development department. What a treat! All the last technologies made by the ICT giant for healthcare and education available right in front of me.

I reached heaven when I got to try the new headset that analyzes your brain waves and will power to make a strawberry fly on the screen in front of you. What a great tools to help children with ADD to focus and learn better!

They understood that people today need to become savvy by themselves but to also be connected to the world. They look for every positive impact possible of technology on peoples lives. They work with the Singaporean governments to improve their interfaces with its citizens. They work with banks to develop highly secured services. They work with universities to enable students to map opportunities on the job market.

Thanks to Singtel, Singapore wants to become a smart nation. Sounds like paradise right? Wondering if it has a price… Surely, by submitting your own ideas and proposals to use Singtel’s technology you could contribute to make sure this race goes the right way. If you idea is good you will even be able to join their great incubator Innov8. Try their « Future-Back » approach, start from your dream back to reality and pave the way. Big names are also behind you and somehow, that’s comforting!

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