Uncollege – take a gap year like no other!

Who said college was the only path for success? parents? society? Maybe not your bank account…

Well before making such an important investment and deciding what to do with your life, you could give yourself a chance. Yes, Uncollege will offer you an opportunity but not a break. Discover their amazing program for your gap year.

If you are lucky you will get one of the 15 available spots and embark on a one year journey which will first take you to San Francisco where you will meet your classmates, the team and your mentor. Over these first 10 weeks you will learn about all the soft skills you need to make all your future learnings a success. You will leave with the group in a fantastic house and really focus on finding what interests you and what drives you. After that, you will depart for a trip abroad – you will be able to either get an internship or just experience the world. Of course this journey will be planed and anticipated for you to make the most of it as a key experience in your learning path. Next you will come back to SF to work on your project and build your portfolio. You will receive all the help you need to build this 21st century resume and really be able to identify what you next steps will be.

Uncollege offers its students an amazing opportunity to find yourself and deploy your potential. You get the time to reflect while being very active and productively planing your future. For all the non-US readers, rest assured because the team is soon opening uncolleges in Sao Paulo, Stockolm, Vancouver, Cape Town, and who know, maybe you want to start one in your city?!

Uncollege is the experience we should all have the right to have!


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