When school gets to be alternative!

Altschool is a room. A magic one…

A team of talented engineers who previously worked at google, helped by great designers and amazing educators had the idea to create their dream school and just launched it last year in San Francisco.

What is a dream school in the 21st century?

A school with micro-classrooms where children can feel empowered through learning from their classmates as well as from their teachers. A school where every students received a personalized education and which adapts the curriculum not only to core national standards but to the community and children’s needs. A school where playing and traveling are synonyms of teaching. A schools where parents are certain that their children will learn the skills they need to happily make their way through the world. A school where technology is present but doesn’t cloud the space. A school were the arts and the real-world are considered central. A school where there is continuous research and a good use of the data collected in the classroom to always improve teaching tools and methodologies.

A school where you are not only allowed but encouraged to be and become yourself.

A school we all wish we went to…


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