When your weekends become about education

Startup Weekends are now very famous all around the world. In a weekend you join an exciting and excited crowd of people, you share your skills and knowledge to build a project addressing a specific issue, you ideate, create a prototype, eat lots of pizza, and don’t get enough sleep.

Startup weekends are a playground for brains. The team realized that many participants were actually interested in launching projects dealing with education and therefore created a specific platform.

Startup Edu is now based in SF and works with teams from all over the world to facilitate the organizations of startup weekends around education. They share all the pragmatic tools about how to organize a weekend, how to communicate about it, how to secure funding and partnerships, how to make it successful.

So if you are passionate about changing the world using education and want to meet like minded people to start moving things forward, connect with this fantastic network and make it happen!



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