Women’Up, a network unlike any others

For Mirror Network,by The WoMen’Up Team



At WoMen’Up, we tackle gender diversity issues in a very inclusive manner and follow an innovative approach to gender diversity. Created in 2011, WoMen’Up is the product of both a problem… and its solution.

The three founding members of the society were working on a case study which ultimate conclusion led to the corroboration of the existence – and longevity – of the so-called “glass ceiling”. The theory of the glass ceiling – which really, is no longer a theory – holds that at some point in their professional career, women will reach a hitting point that they cannot overcome. The underlying reason for this relies almost exclusively in biology. Yes, women have children.

But don’t despair, we told you WoMen’Up had the solution!

The founding members, along with other Millennials that had joined the adventure, quickly came to understand the power of something that had long been disregarded: us, Millennials.

The Generation Y, also known as the Millennial Generation, holds two main characteristics: it is the first post-modern generation and the first global generation. We are convinced that Millennials are a revolution, a catalyst for change, the solution to this chronic corporate problem. Why? Because for the first time, boys and girls share the same aspiration: a solid work-life balance.And more importantly, because gender diversity in the workplace has become, in their (our) eyes, a non-issue.

Achieving a balance between personal and professional life had constituted a major feminist demand during the past 30 years. Women have fought for one right: to be, at the same, good mothers, good co-workers and fulfilled women. But today, we have observed the transformation of a strictly feminine claim into a generational demand. Gender diversity policies within companies are nowadays considered less as gender than as generational.

And this changes everything.

This convergence has naturally paved the way for the inclusive approach that defines WoMen’Up. Women need men, and men need women. Relatively easy to grasp, isn’t it?

That is why WoMen’Up is founded upon a three-pillar system: Generation Y, Gender Diversity, Networking.

Besides organising yearlong sensibilisation initiatives revolving around the topics of Generation Y and gender diversity, we have created the Clüb by WoMen’Up, a group of 80+ students, both male and female, that work for a period of six months with our partner companies – global corporations such as Bain & Company, L’Oréal, Total, Capgemini, on topics related to gender diversity. Clüb members not only contribute to the shaping of innovative and lasting gender diversity initiatives, acquire first-hand experience, but also join a professional network before even entering the employment market. And this has proven highly successfully. Millennials understand that they are the key to the success of gender diversity initiatives.

We, at WoMen’Up, are constantly reinventing ourselves, and WoMen’Up in three months might have little to do with WoMen’Up today, but we will always promote the role of Generation Y – regardless of boundaries, origins – as a key change agent.

Mirror Network, with its mission of transforming the world through the Knowledge economy and innovative educational tools and programs across the globe is broadening and enriching the perspectives of change, and proves once again the entrepreneurial spirit and need for change expressed by Millenials, and WoMen’Up is proud to be associated with this project!

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