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Get Mix-ed Up!

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The Management Innovation eXchange (MIX) is an open innovation project aimed at reinventing management for the 21st century. It brings together the most progressive leaders and provocative management thinkers with in-the-trenches management innovators. Together they build real-life cases and become the biggest showcase space for renewing the way we work and think about management.

The prize associated to it enables innovators from all backgrounds to see their idea taken to the next level thanks to partners such as Harvard or Mc Kinsey.

A community of high caliber, thorough information and powerful outreach. Don’t wait and get in the know!

It only takes a Village to democratize entrepreneurship

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Village Capital draws on the power of peer support to build enterprises that change the world. Their worldwide presence allows the incubator to source, identify and nurture promising entrepreneurs on their way to making a big impact.

They say it takes a village to raise up a child, and think it works well also for entrepreneurs. Therefore they have created a space for entrepreneurs to work together and enhance each other’s potential. Nevertheless they found many challenges to address along the way: troubles with the peer selection process, building trust, setting goals.

The organization keeps learning through action to evolve with its participants. And that, is already the proof that it is a place worth looking at!

« I want… » Dream and Toyota might help you get going

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Become a broadway star, invent original sweets, participate in automobile races, publish best-sellers,…

We ALL have dreams. Toyota has decided to launch the Get Going Challenge along with a brand new media campaign. Available even in countries where the network is not necessarily working well, they push for everybody to participate. The prize of 1 000 000$ joyfully inspiring the world crowd to share.

Obviously, the company receives an incredible pull of qualitative data – what is more personal than dreams? – and will most certainly be able to transform that in careful sales. But at least they agree that people need to dream, they push for self-expression, and they do it very well!

I want to get going. My dream « create a company enabling people and communities to achieve their dreams through learning »

What’s yours?

Learn to change, change to learn

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That is what the Change School is offering you. Through different programs tailored to your needs they help you envision life and your attitude to it in a different manner. Focus is on you, the others, the world. You change scenery and finally take some time away, for yourself.

A school for thoughts and actions, to explore you entrepreneurship grit, to enhance your leadership potential, to develop your skills in wellness, culture and creativity, social innovation and other soft abilities.

An adventure for your body and mind, and in the end: a more balanced and empowered you.

Fly away and maybe start with the Change Ventures program :

Creative leadership has its center

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Financial Times says the Center for Creative Leadership is one of the top 5 providers of executive education leadership courses. Many resources and trainings are available to help you address the most important questions and lessons regarding how to better lead your life, your team, your organization, positive change in the world.

It is better if you company can pay for it – usually the advice is always for all the members of the same team/organization to be trained by the same provider otherwise visions on skills such as leadership may differ and it becomes very difficult to make them cohabit – but it is certain that you will find a program that suits you.

A wide but sharp vision makes it a good opportunity

Team up!

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Building a team, develop it, make it work, expand it, nurture it, lead it, …  is a challenge.

It is therefore a good thing that Teamworks exists to help us keep our team engaged and aligned. It adapts to your schedule and needs to enable you to work more efficiently, to communicate more clearly, to address problems more quickly. No stress attached!

Expert consultants at your service to build the perfect tool for you and your mates.

So team up:


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Singapore is speeding up fast on the innovation highway and isn’t afraid to show it and share it. Lately, innovation is everywhere and we know that our industrially-based systems need to evolve. We will have to catch a wagon to this future.

More and more options align and we should indeed think of joining the right crowd to move away from an automatized past not to risk to stay still in a blurred present. We could for example joint the Innovators Network or the Innovators Institute. Through events and trainings, they assemble a community of fast-paced innovators, across sectors, and offer you a ticket to ride.

Will you participate in incarnating this new wave and make things more concrete for others?

Innovation is Everywhere

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By Martin Pasquier – a life adventurer that I am know honored to know

Innovation is Everywhere, an exploration of startups in emerging markets
By 2020, 3bn new people will be online, mostly from emerging markets. In the same time, countries from South America, the Middle-East, Asia and Africa are recording amazing growth rates in both economics and demographics. And, just as in the US, Europe and China, entrepreneurship and startups are on the rise there too, providing jobs for young population, new businesses, and a reason for talent and money to move there.
Becoming a startup hub, regionally or globally, doesn’t happen overnight, and we roam the world to understand how different countries in the emerging world are fostering entrepreneurship and innovation. What are the best practices that make talent come to a country rather than an other one? How can tax incentives and visa policy help startups to grow? How to create a successful tech ecosystem putting in conversation tech giants, gov agencies, entrepreneurs and universities? What should be the place of government and where should it stop? 
By exploring and analysing each country’s strategy and tactics, we want to identify the ways a startup culture can grow in different conditions. We also identify in these emerging markets what the top startups are, who the connectors of the local tech scenes are and what are the pros and cons of setting a startup there. Today, cities, countries and regions all compete for talent, and it’s important to know what will be the next Silicon Valleys.
In 2013-2014, we have reported on 8 countries, and starting in August 2014, we’ll be covering 20 countries in all continents thanks a small team of fixers (in Nigeria, Lebanon, Portugal, Chile and Singapore), and add new products from our exploration. We act as a media, with most of what we see being published in articles accessible to anyone, and we provide custom research and services for companies and investors interested in fast-growing markets.
You can follow us on

Challenged to amaze, Amazed to challenge

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This new community you can only love because it is made to bring out the best in you. Yes, to show you that you can take any challenge in the world when in the right mindset and joined by the right people. Motivation and trust that all it takes to empower yourself to the next level.

How does it work? Amazing individuals offer you a challenge – it can be in sciences, in arts, in sports, in anything and everything for you to find your match – and it is then up to you to accept it, one at a time. You find yourself associated with a team of 30 and there you go in a specific timeline. You will share about failures and excitements, you will move, forward and soon you will learn that it only takes a first step – a few first steps to start feeling able to face the world’s challenge independently and freely but never on your own!

Join the amazing crowd now :

Techparadise hello!

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My brain instantly felt motivated as I entered the Singtel Innovation and Development department. What a treat! All the last technologies made by the ICT giant for healthcare and education available right in front of me.

I reached heaven when I got to try the new headset that analyzes your brain waves and will power to make a strawberry fly on the screen in front of you. What a great tools to help children with ADD to focus and learn better!

They understood that people today need to become savvy by themselves but to also be connected to the world. They look for every positive impact possible of technology on peoples lives. They work with the Singaporean governments to improve their interfaces with its citizens. They work with banks to develop highly secured services. They work with universities to enable students to map opportunities on the job market.

Thanks to Singtel, Singapore wants to become a smart nation. Sounds like paradise right? Wondering if it has a price… Surely, by submitting your own ideas and proposals to use Singtel’s technology you could contribute to make sure this race goes the right way. If you idea is good you will even be able to join their great incubator Innov8. Try their « Future-Back » approach, start from your dream back to reality and pave the way. Big names are also behind you and somehow, that’s comforting!

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